Employer FAQs

How does hopstep work?

hopstep allows you to automatically match with relevant candidates who are looking for your specific role type, in your specific location. No more trolling through non-relevant applications

Do I have to wait for people to apply to my roles?

No. The beauty of hopstep is it allows organisations to be proactive and communicate with any candidates who is both a match and applicant.

What type of roles can I advertise and recruit for?

Any role that exist within the aged care industry!!

How many staff can I hire from the platform?

As many as possible.  Our aim is to provide you with incredible value.

How many roles can I advertise?

You are free to advertise as many roles as you want as your adds are only seen by jobseekers who are looking for a specific role you are advertising.

Is there an app version of the web portal?

Not yet, but it is coming!

Can I add a facility myself?

In your dashboard, you will see a menu button title to request a facility, simply click on that link, fill in the details and we will upload the facility for you in no time!

Can I add a manager to look after all my sub-facilities?

Yes, you can add users. Simply head to the provider’s tab via the left-hand side menu and add a user.  You can set the user as full access or read-only. You can also have one main account that manages ALL your facilities, and then only add a user to manage one facility or many.

Can I copy an existing job I have previously uploaded and use it again to post a new job?

Yes, you can!

Can I extend the job post after 30 days?

Yes, you can extend a job post. Simply head to the job you would like to extend and press “extend job enquiry”. This will extend the job for a further 30 days.

Can I save my matches?

Yes, you can save any match as a favourite. Even when you close the job, you can still see your favourites.

Can I contact the candidates directly?

Yes, you may contact a candidate via the in-app messaging tool or directly through the information the candidate has uploaded on their profile.

Can I block a candidate?

Yes, you may block a candidate from messaging you.

Do I need to be in the aged care industry to be able to use this service?

Yes! We are aged care specific at this stage. However, we are excited that in the future other sectors will join the revolution

Can I search for a candidate?

You cannot search for a candidate via name, however, our advanced matching algorithm makes sure you match with only suitable candidates.

Is there a fee for using hopstep?

Presently, the hopstep service is provided at no cost to our foundation partners. If you are interested in joining as a foundation partner, kindly reach out to us through the Employers info page. In the future, a membership fee will be introduced, granting you the privilege to post unlimited roles at no additional cost.