App FAQs

What is hopstep?

hopstep is the fun new way to find your next aged care role. You simply download the app, fill out your profile and then instantly get matched to roles you are looking for. Then swipe right to apply!! Simple as that!

How long does it take to set up an initial profile?

You can set up a basic profile and get matching within 60 seconds!

How do matches work?

Great question! The app matches you to a position by using an algorithm based on a percentage system! Sounds complex but its not. Let’s say you’re looking for a certain position and want to work close to home, the app then takes that information and shows you all the matches that fit only these criteria.

Can I select what location I want to work in?

Not only can you select what location, you can even set a specific kilometre radius to only match with roles close to home. For example, I want a nursing role and only want to work 10km from home…… boom! You are matched with every nurse role within 10km from home.

How do I apply for a role?

After filling out your profile, you simply swipe right to apply for any role that is of interest. Easy as that!

Is the app free?

Yes, there is no cost or lock in contract for job seekers! Simply download the app, fill out your profile and start matching with jobs instantly.

Can I upload a resume to the app?

Yes, you absolutely can along with the profile you create. We highly recommend you build out your profile as much as possible though to ensure you are getting the most relevant job matches.

Is there an online web version?

Thanks for asking! Not yet, but we will be launching the online web version in the near future.

I lost my password, can I reset it?

Of course, you can. Simply hit the “forgot password” button within the log in area page on the app, and then the app will send a code to your email to simply reset your password.

Can a provider message me?

Yes! They can message you if you have been matched, applied or have been accepted a role! We want to help improve better communication throughout the job hunting process

Can I message a provider?

Yes, you can message a provider.

Can a Provider search for me?

A provider can only see you if you have matched, applied, or have been accepted for a role. They cannot search for you by name.

Can I search for a provider?

The platform is designed to help you find better matches by using its in built matching system.

Can I block a provider?

You can block a provider within your messages if you so desire!

Can I sign up and be undiscoverable?

Yes, we understand that you may want to just have a look through before you start matching. But….. you have a better chance of securing a new role when you are visible.

What if I move location?

Not a problem at all, simply change your location within your profile and or in the explore area.

What if the match isn’t right for me?

If the match is not right for you, simply either press skip, or swipe left to decline.

How do I use Explore versus my profile for better matches?

Explore is a great way to have a search outside of your profile! Your set profile is where the matching does its work, however feel free to explore outside of that and see what else you can find.

Can I save a job?

Yes, you can save a job. Simply click on the favourite star button and your job will be saved.

How does the percentage of matches work?

Percentages are algorithms based on what you input into your profile and explore areas so that you don’t miss a match!

What happens if I close my account?

If you close your account, don’t worry, you can come back and sign up again! In under 60 seconds.