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Users roles

How do users work?

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There are two types of users, and two types of access roles that you can assign to user roles. A Main Provider User, and a Sub Facility User. A Read Only and Full Access role.


User roles explained:


Main Provider User: Super User


A Main Provider User is someone who will have FULL access to all facilities and everything within the dashboard area. This user role is handy if you have many facilities that are run by different people or departments. If you are one provider/facility, then you will only need to have one user role as a provider.

If you have many facilities, you might want to restrict access to separate facilities as they may be run by different departments or they get assigned to different people.

For example, you are a provider that has 15 facilities, and 5 of those facilities are run by one department and 10 of those are run by another department. You can allocate the first 5 facilities to one or many people of that department, and those people will only have access to those 5 facilities. Same goes for the rest of the users, the next 10 might be run by a separate person or department, enabling them to not see other facilities that are not assigned to them. However, a provider user will see all of those 15 facilities.

If you only have one singular facility, then you will be a super user of that facility.


Sub Facility User: Sub user


A Sub Facility UserĀ is assigned a user from a main provider. Once your facility is set up, you can add a user to a facility or many facilities. To do this, head to the facility tab on the left hand side of the screen, click on your facility, and invite a user. That user then gets an email with the dashboard log ins to that facility only. What the sub facility sees, is only access to the facilities you have sent an invite to. You might want to assign many facilities to one user, and hide other facilities from them.



Access roles explained:


There are two access roles. One FULL access role and READ only access role. To see the list of capabilities each access role has, please read the below listed. A read only role might be good to use for training purposes as this role cannot edit, upload, close or duplicate a job. They also cannot assign user roles, or user accounts. They can however message a candidate, view reports and see other user roles.



Can use all access points.

Add a job

Close jobs

Duplicate a job

Edit a job

Add users to providers and sub-facilities

Edit user roles

Delete a user

Invite a user

Message candidates

Close a chat with candidates

Accept applications from a candidate

Decline a candidate

Favorite a candidate

View all candidate information

Edit facilities



Cannot add a job

Cannot close jobs

Cannot duplicate a job

Cannot edit a job

Cannot edit facilities

Cannot add users to providers and sub-facilities

Cannot edit user roles

Cannot delete a user

Cannot invite a user

Cannot accept applications from a candidate

Can message candidates

Can chat with candidates

Can decline a candidate

Can favorite a candidate

Can view all candidate information